Friday, October 10, 2008

Stars Aligned for Bill in the Florida Time-Union

Great writeup in the Florida Times-Union:
Bill's VolunteersGillespie said he returned home from an Iraq war he considered a mistake to find a state he thought was unprepared for the economic challenges of the 21st century. He believes an unpopular president and a troubled economy could help him beat Kingston in a district favorable to Republicans.

"Every single star has aligned," Gillespie said.

Bill's the candidate for renewable energy and jobs:
Gillespie has pounded the dual issues of economic development and energy, saying Southeast Georgia could prosper from an increased focus on alternative energy and blaming Kingston for not moving aggressively enough.

"Jack is in the pocket of Chevron," he said.

The Democrat also rejects drilling for oil or natural gas off the coast of Georgia.

"There are certain places I do think we could drill more," Gillespie said. "Georgia's not one of them."

Georgia vacationers, do you want oil rigs off Jekyll and Tybee and Cumberland Islands, or do you want south Georgia turned into a renewable energy exporter that creates its own jobs?

You've all seen Jack Kingston on Colbert. You haven't seen Bill Gillespie there. Donate now for more name recognition for Bill.

DeKalb and Fulton County safe district voters: Congratulations on turning out in droves to vote early for Obama! Now how about donating or volunteering for Bill Gillespie in GA-01? You get more bang for your buck down here where TV ads are cheap.

Out of staters, maybe you think Obama's not a patriot because he doesn't always wear a flag pin or maybe you're for big oil or more wars. If so, Jack Kingston's your candidate. If not, here's your chance to replace him with Bill Gillespie, a better Democrat. If you're sitting in a safe state like New York wondering what you can do, how about invest in your country's future by helping Bill?

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