Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack Kingston: Zero on the Environment! (Worse than Saxby)

The League of Conservation Voters rates Jack Kingston
a whopping zero (0)
on his environmental votes in the 110th Congress.

Once again, Jack manages to be worse than Saxby Chambliss, who apparently did good at least once; Saxby got 8%.

Jack isn't just bad, he's one of the two worst of the entire Georgia Congressional delegation.

What do you expect from somebody who wants big tours and roads on Cumberland Island? Jack may flip-flop about earmarks, but now we know Kingston is consistent about something: zero on the environment!

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Anonymous said...

Col Klink,

Thanks for that info about the League of Conservation Voters giving Jack a zero. I consider that a badge of honor for him.

I just sent Jack another $200 contribution. I have also go a couple of friends to contribute again.

Gotta stop the socialist!!!