Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Major Endorsement!

Bill Gillespie snags a major endorsement from newspapers distributed throughout Georgia's First District:
Coastal Empire News, publishers of Savannah Daily News, The Business Report & Journal and Coastal Family Magazine, is endorsing Savannah's Bill Gillespie (D) for Congress to represent the 1st Congressional District over incumbent Jack Kingston (R).

Savannahian Bill Gillespie is a highly educated, fiscally conservative Democrat, a war hero of the Iraq War, a recipient of the Bronze Star and a candidate with a vision of how to bring jobs back to the 1st District in manufacturing, alternative energy and the timber industry.
And as for Jack "flag pin" Kingston:
And these times force us to step back, and take a hard look at his actual voting record on critical issues including fighting all measures to set a timeline to get out of Iraq, his failure to fight runaway Federal spending as a member of the House Appropriations committee that develops the budget, his leadership in defense of Tom Delay and President Bush as well as Republican party smear campaigns this election cycle, and his failure to file his personal financial disclosure information due last May 15 even though he was up for re-election. These votes and others lead us to believe that it is time for a change in 1st District representation.

Frankly, Jack began to lose our support last Feb. 27 when he appeared on the Dan Abrams show and said it was okay to "question Sen. Barack Obama's patriotism because he doesn't regularly wear an American flag lapel pin."

Problem was, sitting there on the TV set with the cameras rolling, Jack wasn't wearing a flag pin. These types of smear tactics are repugnant and demean elected officials in an era when voters are begging for straight talk on the issues versus old-style personal attack politics.

Yet, he continues to use such tactics, seeking to smear his opponent Bill Gillespie in this race, accusing him of lying about his educational degrees and other achievements, despite two news organizations having confirmed that Gillespie's resumé is accurate.

I guess they agree with Larrietta Johnson about that Atlanta debate.

Much more in the endorsement, con Kingston and pro Gillespie.

Concluding statement:
Bill Gillespie is a credible candidate and a man in touch with the needs of the military establishment in our region, which is a critical component of our local business economy.
To achieve a change, we must change.
All that and Bill Gillespie can fly!

Oh yeah: you can, too.

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Not a friend of earmarking said...

Earmarking is another word for "kick-backs". This occurs when elected leaders accept large donations from companies, then turn back around and "earmark" government contracts to those same companies, preventing fair and open competition. Jack Johnson accepted over $20,000 from ES3 last year. ES3 has received significant attention in Utah, where their leaders donated over $90,000 over the past couple of years to Rob Bishop and then received over $10,000,000 in "earmarked" government contracts from Rob Bishop. Could be they are setting up the same arrangement with Jack Johnson??? Earmarking prevents fair and open competition for government contracts.