Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack Kingston, ProLogic

(Photo: Waldo Jaquith, CC license)
No, I don't mean Kingston is for logic. This is the same Jack who impugned Obama's patriotism while not wearing a flag pin on national TV. Kingston doesn't wear one back home, either,.

ProLogic is a military contractor in a CBS News on Jan 11th saying the FBI is investigating ProLogic for its use of some public funds.

According this list of political contributions ProLogic provided CBS News, it looks to me like Kingston or his political supporter groups got $9,000 in campaign contributions from people associated with ProLogic. Hm, this writeup says $16,500 since 2002.

In an accompanying story, CBS News says Kingston got ProLogic $2.4 million in earmarks.

Meanwhile, at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU),
The government contractor has opened an office at Armstrong Atlantic State University's Cyber and Homeland Security Institute, where it will develop technology for government and civilian clients.
Now there's nothing wrong with high tech jobs for Savannah. Earmarks aren't even necessarily a problem. But earmarks for a company that contributes to Kingston's campaign?

And ProLogic is only one among many: Kingston collected $101,600 for his 2006 campaign from intended earmark recipients, according to the FEC.

Curiously, Kingston proposed earmark reform in a bill (HR 967) introduced 7 Feb 2008, shortly after the CBS News ProLogic story.

More Kingston logic: he was for earmarks before he was against them.

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