Saturday, October 18, 2008

VSU-TV shows South Georgia Political Forum

The South Georgia Political Forum of Tuesday 14 October is appearing repeatedly on VSU-TV, today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, and more times after that. Both Bill Gillespie and Jack Kingston spoke, so this should be of interest across GA-01. Here's the schedule:

Sat Oct 18: 6PM
Sun Oct 19: 12AM, 9AM, 6PM
Wed Oct 22: 8:30PM
Sat Oct 25: 9AM, 6PM
Sun Oct 26: 12AM, 9AM, 6PM
Wed Oct 29: 8:30PM
Sat Nov 1: 9:00AM, 6PM
Sun Nov 2: 12AM, 9AM, 6PM

Maybe VSU would agree for other south Georgia universities, such as SSU, to rebroadcast this show, as well.

Dennis Marks, Lowndes County Democratic Party Chair, says:
Thank you to AAUW and all the co-sponsors for presenting the South Georgia Political Forum at the James H. Rainwater Conference Center. Special thanks to the Conference Center and to the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Conference. It was a wonderful opportunity for voters to meet and greet the candidates and to hear their speeches!

A special thank you to the candidates with opposition on the ballot who participated: John Monds and Jim Powell for Public Service Commission; Jack Kingston and Bill Gillespie for 1st Congressional District; Sanford Bishop and Lee Ferrell for 2nd Congressional District; Freddie Taylor and Chris Prine for Sheriff; Terry Hawke and Bill Watson for Coroner; Norman Bennett and Ashley Paulk for County Commission Chair; David DeMersseman, Earl Wetherington, Steve Davis, Ronald Miller, and W. G. Walker for Tax Assessors; Jim Tunison and Greg Voyles for Superior Court Judge; and Jeff Spradley for Lake Park City Council. Thank you also to all the public officials and unopposed candidates in attendance.
Vote early. To quote Dennis: "I'll say it often: vote early."

Oh, and vote for Bill!

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