Monday, October 27, 2008

Jack Showed Up! "Like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders"

After saying he DECLINED to debate Bill Gillespie, Jack Kingston showed up Sunday after all!

Jack didn't have much to say, though:
with Kingston primarily charging that Gillespie misrepresented himself as having a Ph.D. Gillespie said he had made no such claim, but said he had completed all of the work necessary for a Ph.D., other than the dissertation.
Instead of picking at trivia, Bill went for substance:
Among other things, Gillespie, the Democratic challenger, said Kingston, the Republican incumbent, had failed to support soldiers and their families.

“A soldier voting for Jack Kingston is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders,” said Gillespie.
Mainstream media coverage of this debate was lacking. So now we turn to a blogger, who has more to say:
First, Kingston tried to say that Dems love him, since some Dems here in southern Georgia support him.
You can find one or two of those in every election.
Kingston is an experienced politician:
As for the rest of the debate, it mainly consisted of Kingston distorting facts and otherwise smearing as well as employing demagoguery whenever possible--like during his timed rebuttals or during his closing argument, when no one could take him to task for it.
Now to the interesting candidate:
Gillespie, on the other hand, does know what he is about. He is an expert on the environment and, to me, that is absolutely wonderful. We really need that kind of expertise as we move towards sustainable energy--and as we try to fend off the "drill baby drill" wingnuts like Kingston who refuse to see that we simply don't have the oil reserves to meet our energy needs and don't care about the environmental impact of drilling off Georgia's coast.

It goes without saying that he knows more than Kingston when it comes to Iraq and what needs to be done there.

I also see in Gillespie a reasonable person who is not a blind partisan or ideologue. We need reasonable people who can think clearly and make decisions based on rational analysis. What we don't need is more of the same, shouting, fear-mongering, know-nothing governance that we have had for so very long--and which Kingston and others in this state still think represents "good government."
Here's hoping GPB will get the debate up online soon, so we can all see it again (or, in the case of Lowndes County, for the first time, since channel 8 didn't have the feed). So Kingston only had chicken feed, and Bill had substance. That's what this election is about.

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