Monday, October 20, 2008

Bill Gillespie Wakes Up the Candidates' Forum in Valdosta

Bill got applause for saying what needed to be said:

Video by Gretchen Quarterman

A few of my favorite bits from Bill Gillespie's speech at the south Georgia Political Forum in Valdosta, Oct 14:

"going from analog to digital ... new leadership, new opportunities; I want to be one of those new leaders that put people first",

"Iraq war... wrong war, wrong time; it's a money pit, money that we could be better spending right here on our own economy",

"it's sad to see our number one export, our children... we need to fix that",

"I knew when America was right, because we were respected around the world and we were respectful, and I want to able to be a Congressman that reinstates that around the world with our allies",

"we're not set up for the 21st century; why don't we make something again?"

"Lowndes County, you know about service industry jobs, because you have the lowest wages ... compared to the sixteen counties that come to Lowndes County for services",

"there are things we need to do with ... 21st century in terms of education; 40% high school dropout rate; we've got to do better",

"No Child Left Behind left many people behind",

"if the Blazers had a failing season, we would get rid of the coach. It's time for a new coach, I'd appreciate to be that next coach."

The audience loved it.

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