Thursday, October 23, 2008

Debate Parties Sunday!

The Atlanta debate Sunday between Jack and Bill will be broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Time for debate parties! The debate starts at 6PM, so you can start partying at 5.

Will Jack Kingston show up, or will he be missing like his Republican cohorts Westmoreland, Linder, and Price? Or like Jack himself when he failed to show in Savannah Friday? Maybe Kingston didn't like getting beat by Bill in the Brunswick News debate. Is Jack running scared?

Update: Apparently so! Jack DECLINED to show. So Bill gets half an hour of free TV time to remind us why he's better than Jack for GA-01!

Those of you in Valdosta, the Blue House is hosting a debate party: Blue House, 102 East Adair St.

You can go to Atlanta, if you like:
All debates will take place at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) before a live studio audience. Members of media, students and the general public are welcome to attend. Please call 404-577-7377 with questions or if you would like to attend a debate.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is located at 260 14th Street, Atlanta 30318.
But why spend four hours on the road when you can have the same fun in your home town? Call your friends, ask your neighbors, host a debate party!

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