Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get Married and Work Longer Hours!

Jack Kingston means you! Especially if you're a member of the "Democrat Party":
If the Democrat Party truly wanted to take on poverty, they would have to say what is the relationship between marriage and the poverty level and between hours worked and the poverty level, because the truth of the matter is, if people end poverty, many of them would marry and work 40 hours a week, they would be out of poverty. … It’s not something I have the knowledge of or the information of, but it’s an economic fact that I hope we could have committee hearings on and discuss this. If we want to attack poverty, that’s where we need to go. With that, I yield back the balance of my time.
This is the same Jack who didn't want to work more than three days a week in DC:
"Keeping us up here eats away at families... Marriages suffer. The Democrats could care less about families -- that's what this says."
Keep Jack in Washington? Or make him yield back the balance of any future terms?

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And don't forget to debate party tonight. Bill goes on the air statewide at 6PM for half an hour, because Jack backed out of the debate.

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