Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zero Percent: Kingston's Environmental Score

The League of Conservation Voters published their scorecard today for members of the 110th Congress. It was even worse than I expected for South Georgia. Jack scored a ZERO percent. Click here to see his score. What this means is that he did not vote for the environment or conservation on a single bill in 2007. He voted against raising fuel efficiency (CAFE) standards for automobiles; against funding clean water programs; against protecting consumers from fuel price gouging; against increasing energy efficiency requirements on products, buildings and vehicles; against funding clean air programs; against investing in alternative energy sources and reducing our dependence on coal and foreign oil; against repealing subsidies to big oil; and voted to allow private logging in national forests. Jack is not voting our values. Send me to Washington and I will make sure to protect our natural resources.

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Samuel Brainsample said...

Best of luck, Bill. It's good to see someone out there challenging Kingston.