Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Featured Event: Osprey Cove House Party

Thank you to Joanne Rich, Dave Southern, the Camden County Democratic Party and all those who attended tonight's House Party in St. Marys' Osprey Cove neighborhood. I appreciated the warm welcome. Click here to watch a video of the event. You can also click here for pictures. I felt a connection with voters in the room tonight. We all agree we want a change in Washington. It's pretty simple. We want our government to listen to the people first when making decisions. And we want transparent, honest government. I will represent Georgia's First District with those principles at the forefront. I will fight for good government every day I represent you and South Georgia in Congress.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I do not live in the district that you are hoping to represent. However, I am hoping and praying that you, "kick the bum out of office". Kingston is truly embarrassing for Georgians. We need your fresh ideas and open mind to replace him. Good luck Soldier!