Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kingston Embarrasses Georgia on National TV

Here Jack goes again, seeking the spotlight and spending the taxpayers time politiking instead of serving the people of District 1. On Bill Maher's TV show last night, Jack attacked Barack Obama's character and patriotism, supporting his argument with blatant lies and misinformation. Read the latest news story regarding his embarrassing interview. Jack is in Congress for one purpose: to represent the people of South Georgia, fighting for what's best for our region and America. He is not there to campaign for President. Partisan publicity stunts like this interview only waste taxpayers' money and make South Georgia look bad. This is no surprise though. For several years now Jack has put his political party and special interest friends ahead of the people he represents. As your Congressman, all my energy will be focused on serving South Georgia and putting the people first.


John Myers said...

Here's my letter to the editors of several Southeast Georgia newspapers:
Jack Kingston thinks you're an idiot. On the February 22, 2008 edition of
HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Kingston managed to repeat two outright
lies that every informed American should be able to spot right away. First,
he smeared Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama by
repeating the oft-debunked myth that Obama refuses to recite the Pledge of
Allegiance. Does Jack think that we in the 1st District aren't watching the
show or that we aren't reading the news? Of course, Senator Obama recites
the Pledge along with all the other senators in attendance when the Senate
is in session. Jack's pitiful delusion is based on a photograph taken of
Obama with his hands down during the singing of the National Anthem. There
is no law against standing respectfully during the singing of the National
Anthem, is there? Jack also took pains to mention that senator Obama no
longer wears an American flag lapel pin. Go to or YouTube and find
the video of the show. Jack's not wearing one either. He then tries to
equate the President of the United States to a "Cheerleader in Chief" who
should wear the flag. Does Jack think we are stupid enough to fall for the
idea that we need a cheerleader and not a quarterback in the White House?
The current occupant was a real cheerleader. Let me know how you think that
has worked out, Jack.

The second big lie that Kingston put forth on the show was that
there have been no terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 9/11. Does he think
that we are stupid enough to forget the anthrax mailings that occurred
throughout the fall of 2001? Five Americans died as a result of those
events. Two Democrats, Senators Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Patrick
Leahy of Vermont, were among the targets. Those incidents have never been
resolved by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the Army
or the Keystone Kops.

Remember when Kingston whined and moaned about the five-day
Congressional work week imposed by Nancy Pelosi when she became Speaker of
the House? Jack said that he wanted Fridays to spend time with his family
and his constituents. How many of us are in Hollywood on Friday nights
where Real Time is taped? Or in New York where The Daily Show and The
Colbert Report are taped for Comedy Central? Jack never misses the
opportunity to go on those shows and get schooled by actors and comedians.
Does he think that we of the 1st District like to see our representative
shamed by the likes of Alec Baldwin when discussing healthcare policy in
America? The only thing I can take away from all this is that Jack Kingston
must think we're all idiots down here.

Kingston famously signed on the "No Pork" Pledge this past year
along with his fellow Republicans. That was a great move for the Savannah
Harbor funding when his president vetoed the spending bill that included the
upgrade earmark. One man's pork is another man's paycheck. The 1st
District needs and deserves better representation. If national trends in
November follow the 2004 election and recent primary turnout numbers,
Kingston may be a lonely boy on Capitol Hill if he goes back in. Let's keep
him home for while. Bill Gillespie offers the best alternative to another
two years of failed Republican cheerleading from Jack Kingston.

John Myers
St. Marys

Bill Gillespie said...

Way to speak your mind John! Thanks for posting on my blog.

Human said...

Peace to You and Yours Mr. Gillespie.
You are getting a bit of a Buzz in response to Rep. Kingston's smears on Sen. Obama. As a matter of fact, that is how I found you, through a comment left at Americablog.
(you can read my comments about Kingston's lies there if you want)
Just some friendly advice which I'm sure you receive loads of.
1)Did you follow up the MLK March with a door to door in that Neighborhood? If not, do not waste time in doing so. People no doubt talked about you and you need to follow that up.
2)I for one would like to see voter suppression and Civil Rights in general addressed on your "Issues" page. In addition, you really need to get to the particulars of those issues and post your details.
3) Strike while the target is propping it self up. There are a whole bunch of "Kingston No Pin" posts on the net. Most near or at the front page. At every post you find you may want to add a comment or better yet have someone put your name in there.(Was that really you who posted the comment at Americablog? If so, you are on the right track there :)
Please take this comments as they are intended. There is no need to approve this for posting. I'm sure you will have read it.
PS - I lived a year in Augusta back in '65 - '66. Fort Gordon was one of my Father's(21 years MP) duty stations.