Friday, February 29, 2008

Where's YOUR American flag lapel pin Jack?

Jack's embarrassing week of representing South Georgia in Congress continued Wednesday night with his appearance on MSNBC's The Abrams Report. Again, Jack slung mud at Barack Obama, each time supporting his attacks with lies and misleading statements. Click here to read a story by the Atlanta Journal Constitution that bashes Kingston for his behavior. What's worse than lying to the public? Being a hypocrite. The Gillespie Campaign did some research Friday, filming Jack in Savannah at the end of his week-long misinformation spree. We discovered that Jack doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin either!


Human said...

Love it! Peace.

Human said...

That's me "Peacetoyouandyours" at Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. Good luck in your campaign! I posted your video of Jack not wearing his lapel pin on my blog and endorsed you. Great work! You can see it on my blog.

My family vacations on Tybee Island. Maybe we'll see you the next time we're there.