Monday, September 22, 2008

GA-01: Bill and Jack on the Middle Class

While Republican Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is proposing to bail out big finance companies at the expense of the rest of us, is a good time to review Republican Jack Kingston's record on the middle class. His grade from is an F. Back in 2003 he got his highest grade, which was a D. Jack just keeps voting against medicaid, mental health, children's health care, affordable college, public transportation, and renewable energy. And of course he's for the war in Iraq, which wastes $10 billion a month, more than enough to pay for all of the above.

Jack Kingston's F from

Meanwhile, you know what Bill Gillespie stands for: getting us out of Iraq, affordable health care, education, preserving the environment, and investing in south Georgia's economy, including "the 'South Georgia Alternative Energy Initiative' making our region the national leader for alternative energy research and production".

Would you rather have somebody in the House who represents big business, or Bill Gillespie, who will represent you?

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Anonymous said...

Bill, can you tell me where in the constitution I can find the sections on medicaid, education, healthcare, or energy?

Oh, I know where that comes from. Seems like someone named Marx talked about those things like from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.

I think there was one other person that was very prominent in the democrat party who explained how to bring about the downfall of the USA. Saul Alinsky!

I don't know if we are spending 10 billion each month in Iraq but I do know that we are spending $970,000,000 each month on medicaid, welfare and food stamps.