Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill on Health Care

"In rural Georgia there is a great need for medical care. In Georgia's First Congressional District many health clinics are losing staff due to lack of funding. Our rural areas are in need of a renaissance and we must be able to provide quality health care to those areas." That's Bill Gillespie's response to question 14 of the Your Candidates Your Health 2008 voter guide questionnaire.

Here's Bill's answer to #5: "I would make sure that the federal government supplies items needed for preventative medicine to those who need them before an accident happens. I have heard many stories about how a simple shower seat would have prevented a slip and fall accident resulting in surgeries as dangerous as a total hip replacement. I would also like to see local hospitals start wellness programs that promote safe and healthy living that are available to the public." There's plenty more.

Meanwhile, what does Jack Kingston say? We don't know: he hasn't answered the questionnaire yet. But we do know Jack has voted against medicaid, against mental health, and against children's health care.

If you want to continue to benefit big business at the expense of our health, vote Jack Kingston. If you want health care for everyone, including prevention, open hospitals, and more research, vote Bill Gillespie.

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