Thursday, November 8, 2007

Featured Event: Savannah Labor Meeting

Tonight I was thrilled to speak to members of the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council. One of the top reasons I want to be a Congressman is so I can fight for working families, who are not getting a fair deal. Too many jobs are being sent overseas. Taxes are high. Illegal immigrants are decreasing wages. Corporate America has too much power. The middle-class, the backbone of our country, is shrinking. Click here for job loss statistics in Georgia. Even though I grew up in a union family, I do not think these statements are biased. This is simply reality in 2007 America. As a Congressman, I will make it a priority to fight for every piece of legislation that benefits working families, especially bills to lower taxes, stop illegal immigration and encourage companies to keep jobs in the country. I also support the Employee Free Choice Act. Thank you Savannah CLC for the opportunity to speak to your members and I look forward to seeing you again.

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