Monday, April 28, 2008

Four Vets Qualify for GA Congress as Democrats

Today four military veterans qualified to run for Congress in Georgia as Democrats. They are: Bobby Saxon (District 10), Doug Heckman (District 7), Bill Jones (District 6) and of course me (District 1). I took part in a joint press conference with these fine gentleman at the State Capitol. Each of us spoke for a few minutes, as well as Democratic Party of Georgia Chairwoman Jane Kidd. Here are pictures from the event. The four of us have served America well on foreign battlefields, from Iraq to Korea to Germany to points in between. Now we want to serve Georgia and America in the House of Representatives. We are fed up with the current Congressmen in our districts. There is a long list of failures. Urgent action needs to be taken to bring jobs to Georgia. Despite our many lakes, rivers and miles of coastline, our state faces a water crisis. Education scores in Georgia are near the bottom of the nation. Veterans in many parts of the state are being subjected to poor healthcare. Georgia's natural resources, parks and farm land are under attack from money-hungry developers. I could go on and on. Congressional representation in this state is embarrassing. Our opponents, each longtime Republican Congressmen, have spent their careers putting the wishes of their party and special interest friends before the needs of the people. It's time for a change in Georgia, and us vets are ready to lead the effort! [UPDATE: More than 100 media outlets have reported on this story. Here is a sampling: story 1, story 2, story 3, story 4]

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Albert Henderson said...

We need more veterans in congress. I went to medical school on the GI bill,(Viet Nam era) and I am glad to see that the new bill has passed, no thanks to our current congressman. My son was in Iraq with the 3rd Division on their long desert road trip in 2003. He went over again, but when he came back, the barracks at Fort Bragg were in such awful shape that we called Mr. Kingston's office. A report was filed but nothing else happened. Finally my son decided not to re-enlist, after spending 8 years serving his country.
Keep up the pressure.
Albert Henderson MD
Saint Simons Island