Monday, December 31, 2007

Campaign Update: 2007 a Fantastic Year

2007 was a fantastic year and a great start to my campaign. Three months ago I launched my candidacy for Congress in Georgia’s First District. My campaign has earned tremendous public support, political backing and media interest in its initial stages. I have traveled to and gained support in all 25 counties of the First District. Powerful groups such as the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Leadership Council and Labor Organizations are supporting my campaign. More than 50 media outlets have reported my story, ranging from county newspapers to regional television stations to national blogs. Roll Call, the top newspaper on Capitol Hill, is calling me one of the “most credible” Congressional challengers of 2008. My military and teaching background, common-sense values and People First governing philosophy are resonating. During my travels throughout South Georgia, citizens tell me they want fresh ideas and a new face representing them in Washington. They say my 23-year Army career has prepared me to defend us from terrorism and to lead America toward winning the peace in Iraq. They like my ideas to cut taxes, stop illegal immigration, reform the Veterans Administration and create the South Georgia Alternative Energy Initiative, making our region a national leader for the research and production of agri-fuel, solar and other alternative energies. The fight has just begun, however. I ask for your continued support and encouragement in 2008. Join me in bringing a winning strategy to U.S. foreign policy. Join me in bringing substantial economic growth to South Georgia. Together, we can make our community a better place to live, work and enjoy life.

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